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how to prepare for interviews

How to prepare for interviews to maximise your chance of success

You perform better in interviews and assessment centres if you’ve prepared beforehand. Sounds beyond obvious, right? Thing is, often candidates don’t know what or how they should be preparing. After all you don’t know what you’re going to be asked – so how can […]

Team manager guide

Team manager guide

We’re all busy people, so here are a set of interview questions that will give you a good measure of a candidate applying for the role of team manager. You can have this at no charge as a gift from me! Just click below.

HR issues 2017

Work Brighter blogs to tackle your biggest HR issues in 2017

There’s a great deal of uncertainty about what 2017 has in store. After the turbulent and head-scratching year that was 2016, it’s only the foolhardy who feel confident predicting what the next 12 months will bring. That turbulence and uncertainty makes HR an even […]


The Resilience training was fun, interactive and very practical in terms of helping colleagues develop their own personal resilience.

Rebecca delivered her Resilience training at our department Away Day. The session was fun, interactive and very practical in terms of helping colleagues develop their own personal resilience. The team came away with a clear idea of how they could help themselves and each other to be resilient in the work place. Many of the team members have told us they found the session very useful. Staff were engaged right the way through and some brilliant conversations were had. The team have also grown much closer together following the session and this has really improved how we work together. We would really recommend Rebecca and WorkBrighter to anyone.

– Collette Dallas and Stuart Chell Finance Director and Head of Fundraising at The Message Trust

“Here at esure we recently engaged Rebecca at Work Brighter to help us review our customer service and sales selection tools. Rebecca is so easy to work with and makes light work of what can appear daunting to the inexperienced. Rebecca was keen to sit with our employees and listen to customer calls to understand the activities carried out by our employees, along with experiencing the environment in which we work. The output from this review has been invaluable in helping us to design a selection experience for our candidates which meets our needs but keeps the candidate experience through our selection process as true to the role as possible but tests their skills, competencies. Thank you Rebecca and I hope we get an opportunity to work with you again soon.”

– Yvonne Foster, Recruitment Manager, esure

“Rebecca delivered an excellent session at a CIPD Huddersfield geographical branch event entitled “Improving employee engagement and customer satisfaction by making the most of your strengths”. The event was well attended by both HR professionals and HR students and received very good feedback from delegates. The session was interactive, with great group discussions evaluating personal strengths and considering how to use strengths in recruitment and development. Rebecca facilitated the event very well, in particular her expertise in use of strengths for workplace recruitment was evident.”

– Liz Rivers, Lecturer in HR Management, University of Huddersfield


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