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Archive for January, 2015

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Recruiting the right values

A new approach for the care sector

How do you recruit people with the right values? A couple of years ago I was in a non-specialist ward of a hospital recovering from an operation on my ankle. I was due to leave but my ankle was much more painful than I’d […]

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Recruiting Gas Engineers

for an Oil & Gas Energy Company

The Problem The company was rapidly expanding, requiring a significant number of new gas engineers. The pool of referrals was ever-shrinking and they were keen to attract gas engineers who may not already have been working with one of their competitors, e.g. independents. To […]

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Recruiting Meter Readers

for Oil & Gas Energy Company

The Problem No sooner would someone start in the job than, within the first few weeks, they would leave. This was the situation my customer was dealing with, spending over £1,000 on recruitment with an agency and spending the same again on training and […]

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Recruiting Customer Service Advisors

for an Oil & Gas Energy Company

The Problem Following a terrible year of bad publicity and exposure on Watchdog as one of the worst companies for customer service, this company decided to make some serious changes to improve the customer service of their advisors in their call centres. In a […]

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Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

Getting people to choose you as their next employer

3 steps to get more people to apply to your job vacancy I asked you a few weeks ago about your biggest recruitment challenges. One of the issues you raised was how to get people to choose you as an employer over your competition. […]

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Recruiting in 2015?

Get planning now or risk making a hasty hiring decision

Over the last few months I’ve been working with a client to hire three new members of their customer service team. And it has taken months – the vacancies arose in July, the new hires will start work this month. The knock-on effect has […]

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Your biggest challenge in 2014?

What was the biggest recruitment and people development challenge that you faced in 2014

A few weeks ago I asked a number of recruiters, HR managers and business owners what their biggest recruitment and people development challenges had been in 2014. The key recruitment challenges that people faced last year were: Attracting candidates with the right values as […]

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Forget Santa! Here’s the gift you really want

My guide to successful interviewing

I’ve been running interviews recently on behalf of a client for senior level roles in their organisation and it occurs to me that preparation is the key to a successful interview, whether you’re an applicant or the interviewer. I wanted to share with you […]

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Is there any such thing as the perfect leader?

Why leadership models should be used with caution

I have been involved in a series of leadership interviews for a client recently. They have a leadership model which maps out the various traits and capabilities they’re looking for in their leaders. During the feedback sessions, I spoke to a number of candidates, […]

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Fearful of psychometrics?

Here are five reasons to change your mind

Do you worry about using personality measures when recruiting? A lot of people do. They’re concerned about whether it’s ethical to seemingly judge someone based on their personality – inherent characteristics that they can do nothing about – instead of evaluating them on their […]

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