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Archive for January, 2015

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Want to make better hiring decisions?

Try using assessment centres

People often think assessment centres can only be used when undertaking volume recruitment – for call centre roles or graduate positions perhaps. But I think assessment centres can be really useful for all sorts of recruitment activity. Here’s why. What is an assessment centre? […]

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Hired a wimp? Doubt your own mental toughness?

How to measure resilience

How do you deal with stressful, difficult situations? Do you relish the challenge, roll up your sleeves and tackle them head-on? Or hide in a corner, weeping slightly, hoping someone else will come and take over? What about your employees? How do they cope […]

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hiring the right person for the job

Hired Dr Jekyll but got Mr Hyde?

When a new recruit turns bad

Picture the scene. You’ve interviewed and hired the perfect person for the job. They’ve got all the right experience and skills to deliver the job requirements successfully. Six weeks down the line and they could be a different person entirely from the one you […]

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Boring meetings?

Try using hats to get more out of getting together!

What is it about meetings? We all rely on them as a way to thrash out an issue or generate new ideas. But however skilled and experienced the people round your boardroom table are, somehow meetings just don’t always bring out their best. There […]

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Boring Meeting

10 essential things you can do

To find the right candidate for your vacancy

How do you go about finding the right people for your business? A lot of people I speak to don’t really know where to start. Using recruitment agencies or advertising companies to promote your roles or seek out potential candidates can be a great […]

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The art of mind-reading

Or how to find out what makes your employees tick

What do you do if you want to get inside people’s heads? If you want to find out why they’re behaving in puzzling ways? If you want to change that behaviour? Here are some tips on the art of mind-reading! A few weeks ago […]

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Recruiting a hands-on yet strategic IT director

A case study

  Recently, I worked with my colleague, Robin Hills from EI4 Change, to help a manufacturing company recruit an IT director. Given that this organisation doesn’t currently have an IT department to direct, the new recruit would need to be hands-on, able to roll […]

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How to recruit people who want to do the job

Using a strengths-based approach

How do you recruit people who are not just skilled and competent but also motivated to do the job? People who will not just throw themselves into their work, but will thrive on it. The traditional way is to ask motivational fit questions at […]

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Aye, aye captain

Getting everyone onboard with changes to your business

When it comes to transforming a business, it can be just as scary for the business leaders implementing the change as it is for the workers facing it. Recently, I’ve been talking to Helen, a small business owner. Helen’s taking over the family kitchen […]

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It’s a no from me

The art of giving negative feedback

Do you dread giving feedback to unsuccessful job candidates? A lot of recruiters do. They worry about upsetting people or about the candidate getting angry with them. After all, no one likes receiving negative feedback. However, done in the right way, it can be […]

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