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Archive for July, 2015

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How NOT to behave in a job interview

And how to perform at your best

Nerves can often get the better of people in a job interview. And lead to behaviour that doesn’t look good to the recruiter. Nerves are an understandable reaction to the pressure of a job interview. But there are ways to get your anxiety under control […]

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5 job interview faux-pas

And what they say about you

It’s a never-ending source of amazement to me the sorts of stuff people come out with in an interview. Some behaviour’s pretty surprising too. Often it’s down to understandable nerves. Interviews are stressful. But sometimes it’s a lack of preparation and thought that gets […]

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Where is the innovation in our HR practices

To meet the challenges of the 'brave new world'?

We live in a turbulent, uncertain world – a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This impacts on all of us, not least those involved in HR. But within HR, the tools we use to navigate these choppy waters are often old-school, invented […]

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