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Archive for November, 2016

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development centre

Identifying employee potential using a development centre

Diving into the talent pool

What does the phrase ‘development centre’ mean to you? I think, for many, it sounds rather negative, rather scary. Some sort of gulag you get sent to if you’re not performing satisfactorily. A room full of people in white coats with clipboards, assessing your […]

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The impact of technology on employment, recruitment and development

The age of the machine

Not a day passes at the moment without a new report or article on how technology will affect our working lives in the not-too-distant future. A recent CIPD report, for instance, predicted that by 2030 one in six public sector jobs would be done […]

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impact of technology on employment
competency framework

Eight mistakes to avoid when designing your competency framework

Watch your step!

Done well, the competency framework is a hugely valuable tool. It sets out a common understanding of the behaviours an organisation desires from its employees. Many organisations are creating values frameworks – another way of describing desired behaviours based on the values of that […]

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