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A selection of Secret goodies for 2016

Don’t say I never spoil you

a selection of goodies video

Life is like a box of chocolates, someone once said, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Well, not in this case.

In this case, I’m going to share with you the topics and issues I’ll cover in my Work Brighter blogs in 2016. So you know exactly what you’re gonna get. Work Brighter Secrets will be secret no more.

It’s a delicious box of  Secret goodies too.

Get your teeth into practical solutions to familiar HR dilemmas like managing conflict in the workplace or making sure new employees are quickly integrated into the business.

Or perhaps soft-centred treats like improving your self-esteem or using mindfulness techniques to enhance your focus are more to your taste.

Or spoil yourself with yummy insights into new recruitment tools and developments or tips on helping assessors get the skills they need to evaluate candidates effectively.

Want to add your own favourites to the collection? Let me know what other topics you would like me to address this year.

So, here’s what you can expect in 2016:
Employee engagement
When it comes to employee engagement one of the most critical factors is the relationship between employee and manager. Over the next few months I’ll be addressing key aspects of this relationship, including:

  • how to manage the integration of new employees – into the existing team and the culture of the business
  • how to manage in a coaching style – using established coaching techniques to get the best from your direct reports
  • how to manage conflict in the workplace – whether between colleagues or within a team
  • how leadership behaviour can have a dramatic effect on the culture and performance of the whole business (and what to do about it).

Personal and team development
We live in uncertain and troubling times and 2016 promises to be no less challenging than 2015. We need all the tools at our disposal to help us and our teams adapt to changing circumstances, manage our stress levels and help us grow and succeed.

Across a series of blogs, I’ll be exploring how to build on those aspects of our own personalities that help us perform better and cope with life’s complexities, as well as looking at some innovative tools and techniques that offer practical ways to aid your and your team’s development, including:

  • how self-esteem impacts on your behaviour and how to improve your sense of self-worth
  • how your energy levels impact on how you perform and how engaged you feel and how to use energy to your advantage
  • what others see in you that you might not see yourself and how these hidden strengths could make all the difference to you
  • how your virtues and values impact on your happiness at work and how to identify and develop them
  • how to use mindfulness techniques to bring focus and a zen-like calm to your everyday stresses and strains
  • how to build resilience – practical tips to help you develop your team’s resilience in the face of high pressure situations and environments
  • how to apply the PERMA model of wellbeing to improve your team’s mental health and help them flourish.


Every month, every week even, there’s something new in recruitment. Some new technology or methodology that you feel you ought to be on top of but simply don’t have the time to explore.

I can help with that.

I’ll be looking at some of the best new tools and developments in recruitment on your behalf and letting you know how you can put them to good use in 2016.

But it’s important too to continue to get the basics right. I’ll also share some invaluable insights into how to make sure your team/you have the right skills and behaviours to deliver effective candidate assessments.

I’ll also address the vital but often tricky issue of how to recruit the best leaders for your organisation.

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Over to you

Do you have a burning issue that you’d really like me to cover in a blog? A particular aspect of recruitment you’re struggling with? Or an area of people development you know you need to tackle but aren’t sure where to start.

Or perhaps you’d like to share your experience in a particular area of recruitment or development that you think would help my other readers.

Get in touch now – I’d love to hear from you.

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