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How Work Brighter can help you

All organisations have problem roles – those they struggle to recruit to, those they struggle to retain people in, those that don’t seem to perform as effectively as others in the organisation.

We work strategically with you to resolve the problems you face. By looking at the employee life-cycle in those problem roles we can put in place solutions which address your particular issues – whether that’s performance, turnover or difficulty recruiting.

What’s causing my people problems?

We start by getting under the skin of your organisation to identify and understand the problems you face. It might be poor performance or high turnover or it might be that you can’t find the right talent for your business.

How can you help me fix it?

We’ll design the right solution for you, drawing on our experience and a range of psychological tools at our disposal, including assessment, team building, coaching and psychometrics. And we’ll work with you to implement the solution into your business in the short term as well as giving your people the skills to support the changes in the long term.

How can you help me make sure my decision is right about a critical hire?

  • design of bespoke recruitment/development selection tools including screening criteria, telephone interview, situational judgement test, face-to-face interview, assessment centre, group exercise, in-tray exercise, written exercise, presentation exercise and role-play exercises
  • application of psychometrics for measuring intelligence such as as verbal, numerical, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking tests
  • application of measures of personality for recruitment and development such as Occupational Personality Questionnaire, Hogan Development Survey, WAVE Personality Profiling, Myers Briggs Type Indicators, Me2 Creativity measure and Strengthscope
  • How can you help me keep my employees and spend less time and money recruiting?
  • design of end-to-end recruitment and development processes including competency frameworks and competency based and strengths based assessments
  • validation of recruitment and development tools and processes using statistical tools

How can you help me improve my business by reducing customer complaints and improving employee performance?

Measurement of employee engagement through surveys and focus groups delivery of activities to improve motivation and performance such as team building, one-to-one coaching and development

How can you guarantee it’ll work?

Our solutions are evidence based, our consultants are business psychologists, approved by the British Psychological Society and recognised by the Health Professions Council, and our impact can be measured through Key Performance Indicators agreed at the start of a project. Find out more about our team.

We’ve helped a range of organisations in the energy sector, banking sector, central government, defence services, local councils and the NHS. Find out more about our clients.

All services offered are completely confidential and fully professionally insured. We have strong links with experts in various fields such as executive development and can bring in specialist advice and support when required by clients.

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