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How to Keep On Carrying On: psychological insights to help you keep going in tough times

Find out about tools and tactics you can implement from the field of psychology that could help you keep on carrying on by influencing your mindset; all road tested by Rebecca. Is it me or are our current lives in early 2021 a slog? […]

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How can we self-care in challenging times?

Mental health first aid

Being cut off from the usual support and social interaction of the workplace for a prolonged period can have a serious effect on your state of mind and general well-being. How do you manage your mental health during challenging periods? How do you stay […]

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Woman working on laptop with large dog asleep.
poor management skills

Tackling Negative Behaviour in the Workplace

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional moan? But, how do you deal with an employee who changes from an occasional moan to persistent negativity? A Change in Behaviour Most people start a new job with enthusiasm. It’s natural, over time, for that initial enthusiasm to […]

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Making the right hiring decision isn’t as hard as you think – a case study

Taking it easy

I sometimes wonder if I’m guilty of making recruitment seem hard to get right. Does talk of the need for rigour, objectivity, a scientific approach, bamboozle you? Make the very idea too big, too complicated to bother with? If so, then I’m sorry. Because […]

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right hiring decision
career progression

Career Progression: How, Why & Whom

What do you know? 

  You know that, in order to progress in your career, you need to rack up experience and expertise in your chosen area. You know you need to acquire a specific degree, attend some training courses, get a job to build up your experience […]

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Focusing on your strengths is the key to successful personal development

Going from strength to strength

  What do you need to do in order to perform better in your role – or to progress in your career? Do you need to work on those things you’re not good at? Address your weaknesses? Get to grips with those bits of […]

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implementing strengths

10 things to consider before implementing a strengths-based approach

Ready for strengths?

  Regular readers will know I’m a big advocate of the strengths-based approach. Recruiting and engaging employees based on what they love doing and are energised by leads to high performance and high levels of motivation. What’s not amazingly helpful about that? However, having […]

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Strengths Vs Competencies: A Simple Guide To The Difference

How to recruit amazing!

  Think of a task you do every day at work that’s important to the effective delivery of your job. Perhaps it’s building relationships with customers. Or writing job descriptions. You might enjoy this activity or hate it. Either way it needs doing and […]

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strengths and competencies

How millennials in the workplace are disrupting our HR practices – for good

Young people these days!

In every field of our lives, disruptive technology is having a dramatic effect. From Uber to AirBnB to Netflix, traditional ways of doing things are being turned on their head. The rise of big data, mobile technology, global reach, personalisation, digital formats, AI and […]

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Why human nature is both the cause of and the solution to all our workplace problems

I, Robot

Ah, humans. Can’t work with them. Can’t work without them. Ever had that moment where, perhaps unable to sleep in the wee small hours, dreading the day to come, you start to fantasise about a fully-automated future run on artificial intelligence? Where the vagaries […]

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workplace problems