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How to Keep On Carrying On: psychological insights to help you keep going in tough times

Find out about tools and tactics you can implement from the field of psychology that could help you keep on carrying on by influencing your mindset; all road tested by Rebecca. Is it me or are our current lives in early 2021 a slog? […]

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Career Progression: How, Why & Whom

What do you know? 

  You know that, in order to progress in your career, you need to rack up experience and expertise in your chosen area. You know you need to acquire a specific degree, attend some training courses, get a job to build up your experience […]

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career progression
learning process

Why feeling stupid is an essential step in the learning process


“At some point today, you’re going to feel really, really stupid.” This is not, you might think, the most encouraging thing to say at the start of a training workshop. No one, after all, likes feeling stupid. No one enjoys feeling incapable. It undermines […]

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