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transparent assessment

How a transparent assessment process makes for better hiring decisions

Letting the cat out of the bag

How we assess candidates was once something to be kept secret and hidden. We felt, perhaps, it would make things too easy for people if we let them know what was going to happen during an interview or assessment. Perhaps we thought people’s spontaneous […]

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Struggle to get things done? Here’s a systematic approach to time management

A guest blog by Miles Seecharan

Do you get to the end of the day feeling like you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve that morning? Or are you more like the rest of us, frustrated by how many distractions got in the way? If you’ve worked with me, […]

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time management
how to prepare for interviews

How to prepare for interviews to maximise your chance of success

Readiness is all

You perform better in interviews and assessment centres if you’ve prepared beforehand. Sounds beyond obvious, right? Thing is, often candidates don’t know what or how they should be preparing. After all you don’t know what you’re going to be asked – so how can […]

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6 things to consider when direct hiring for the first time

Cutting out the middleman

Like anything you do for the first time, direct hiring can be a scary prospect. That’s why so many organisations use recruitment agencies to source candidates for them. Why take on the administrative burden when there are experts out there who can do a […]

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direct hiring
lowering benchmark

The 5 risks you face if you lower the benchmark for shortlisted candidates

Want more bums on seats?

One of my customers had a problem. Their graduate recruitment process wasn’t delivering enough candidates to fill the vacancies they had available. They knew the standards candidates were required to meet. They knew the number of vacancies they needed to fill. But not enough […]

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How to work out the best way to shortlist candidates

What are killer questions?

“What are killer questions and what else can I do to shortlist candidates effectively?” A customer who’s looking to improve their recruitment process asked me this question recently and I thought I’d share my answer with you. Effective shortlisting means sifting out unsuitable job […]

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poor management skills

How to spot and tackle a line manager with poor management skills

Rooting out the problem

We have, I’m sure, all experienced, at some point in our careers, what it’s like to work for a bad manager. Perhaps they were a bully or perhaps they were just really ineffectual. Either way, they had a huge impact on how we felt […]

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How to ensure work you’ve delegated is done to your standard

Sharing the recipe

Why is it work you’ve delegated never seems to get done in the way you want it done? Even the simplest task, that you could do in your sleep, is fluffed in some way: a deadline missed, a customer ignored, a team meeting mishandled? […]

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delegate work
negativity at work

Managing an employee whose negativity at work is infecting everyone else

Misery loves company

Do you have a member of your team who casts a pall of gloom over the whole office? Who moans, loudly and at length, about anything and everything? Who thinks customers are there to make his life a misery? Who likes to tell all […]

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What to do when people aren’t taking ownership at work

Tackling the jobsworths

Frustrated by employees who aren’t taking ownership of or responsibility for the work they do? Those who go home early, leaving a task incomplete? Who seem oblivious to the impact their dismissive manner has on customers? Who don’t seem bothered by the litany of […]

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taking ownership