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team morale

Tried and tested workshop techniques to boost team morale

Stuck in a rut?

Is your team stuck in a rut? Going nowhere fast? Sinking into a pit of despair? It can happen when external factors affect your business. Meaning that doing what you’ve always done doesn’t work anymore. When this happens, it’s easy for team morale to […]

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A strengths based approach to leadership

Strong and stable?

In this crazy, crazy world we live in, are we asking too much for a leader to adapt their leadership style to suit every situation? Does this require simply too much self-awareness and flexibility when the pace of change is so quick? (Something Theresa […]

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strengths and leadership
360 degree feedback

How 360 degree feedback helps you on the path to personal development

Are we there yet?

What does success look like when it comes to your personal development? How will you know when you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve? Setting yourself the goal of passing your driving test is one thing. Passing your driving test will clearly denote […]

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What’s the best way to exit an employee from your organisation?

Go on now, go!

Sometimes I understand what it must be like to be a doctor, or a vet, or a dentist. Because when people discover what I do for a living, they immediately want to bend my ear. Not about a gippy tummy, a moulting dog or […]

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the best way to exit an employee
recruiting the right leader

How to recruit the right leader for your business

Call me Ishmael

Trying to find and recruit the right leader for your business can feel like you’re Captain Ahab trying to land the Great White whale. An epic search, followed by exhausting efforts to actually land the beast. Only to discover, perhaps, that this creature isn’t […]

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How to ensure succession planning is planned successfully

Can you fill my shoes?

Do you have a succession plan for your role? What will happen when it’s time for you to move on? How will you ensure the best and brightest in your team are ready to step up? All too often, succession is only considered at […]

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succession planning

4 induction must-dos to get the best from your new starter

A fish out of water

Starting a new job is exciting. But it’s also scary. You don’t know where anything is. You don’t know the people you’ll be working with. You don’t know what your manager’s going to be like. Like a fish out of water, if you’re left […]

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How to recruit people with the right values for your business

What’s your red line?

Employing people who share the same values as your organisation is clearly beneficial. For the employee, that’s because: “Staff whose values are more clearly aligned with that of their employer, and whose roles allow them to live out these values, have higher levels of […]

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value-based recruitment
strengths-based recruitment

Why strengths-based recruitment gets to the heart of what motivates someone

It’s all about the ‘why’

We know that what makes someone a high performer is not just that they can do the job but that the job is something they love to do. Energy, motivation and interest are integral to performance. But typically in recruitment what we look for […]

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How a transparent assessment process makes for better hiring decisions

Letting the cat out of the bag

How we assess candidates was once something to be kept secret and hidden. We felt, perhaps, it would make things too easy for people if we let them know what was going to happen during an interview or assessment. Perhaps we thought people’s spontaneous […]

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transparent assessment