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Work Brighter blogs to tackle your biggest HR issues in 2017

What’s in store? 

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There’s a great deal of uncertainty about what 2017 has in store. After the turbulent and head-scratching year that was 2016, it’s only the foolhardy who feel confident predicting what the next 12 months will bring.

That turbulence and uncertainty makes HR an even more challenging place to be. For organisations large and small, it’s never been more important to have everyone onside. Pulling their weight. Working together. Being innovative and agile. Taking ownership.

And that’s something you told me you were struggling with. Responses to the survey I sent out before Christmas suggest that many businesses are finding it difficult to find, retain and motivate engaged and dedicated employees.

You need something you can rely on. Well, while I might not be able to foresee what the year has in store for us, what I can predict is that my Work Brighter blogs in 2017 will address the specific HR issues that you are experiencing. To help you ensure your organisation is fit for the future it faces.

Here’s how I plan to address those issues survey respondents said were their biggest HR issues.

Engagement and motivation

We all know that engaged employees have a positive impact on performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately, the bottom line. It’s not surprising then that getting the most out of the people that work for you was a key issue for many.

Those in larger organisations faced the problem of their longest-serving employees becoming increasingly disengaged.

Those from smaller organisations wanted help tackling those individuals who were having a negative influence on everyone else.

A shared problem across businesses of all sizes was the concern that people weren’t taking responsibility and ownership.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be addressing how to engage and motivate people who have been employees for a long time, how to help employees develop organisational citizenship behaviours and practical tips for dealing with disgruntled individuals who are bringing everyone down.


Is work you delegate to others done to your standards? Do your people expect you to have all the answers? Do you have to be the one to come up with ideas and innovations?

For many respondents, particularly those in smaller businesses, how to delegate effectively and make sure everyone is playing their part were key issues.

If they are for you too, look out for my upcoming blogs on these topics. I’ll address how to establish and communicate organisational standards so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. And I’ll help you with ways to get your team brimming with ideas and solutions for the challenges your business faces.

Recruitment, development and performance

Good people are hard to find. Recruiting the right people has always been and probably always will be a challenge. And it’s something that, unsurprisingly, came up in my survey.

Many respondents, especially those from smaller organisations, want to know how to recruit people who are good enough. I’ll address this by sharing the tactics established businesses use to attract and recruit the best people for them.

Of course once you’ve recruited people, the problems don’t end. A number of respondents were concerned that new employees often forgot the training they’d received on how to do the job.

I’ll tackle this in a future blog by looking at the critical role managers play in helping employees embed and implement their learning.

And when it comes to tackling poor performance, many respondents felt uncomfortable having difficult conversations with individual members of staff. Following up on a blog from last year, I’ll talk you through practical approaches to getting to grips with those issues you really need to get to grips with.

All of which means that however unpredictable the year ahead, at least you know what you’re going to get from me!

Are there any other issues you’d like me to cover in upcoming blogs? Please let me know.

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