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People Development

Do you want to discover the potential and strengths of your key players and rising stars to improve your talent management?

Do you want to give them leadership development, professional development or even personality development so they reach their full potential in your business? Do you need them working on a career development plan or getting extra support as they enter a leadership development program?

Do you need to think about succession planning and staff development so you can identify who should be in your top team to support your business growth?

At Work Brighter, we use a combination of psychometric testing, job simulation assessments, development centres, and one-to-one coaching to identify and develop the right people within your business.

We’ll help you to tackle the issues throttling your business growth and realise the potential of the people you have in the business, so they become truly engaged and effective.

Talent/Staff Development Plan & Training

Our individual talent development package typically comprises a one-off deep-dive personality assessment of individuals and starts from just £515 incl VAT:

What's Included in our Talent Development Package
Only £515 incl VAT
Personality questionnaire
Strengths questionnaire (or leadership de-railers, leadership styles or emotional intelligence measure)
2 hour in-depth coaching feedback session
A bespoke report focusing on the gap, their strengths and their risk areas for development
Creation of a personal development plan


Our professional development coaching package, depending on what the coachee is seeking to develop, starts at £965 (inc. VAT).

What's Included in our Professional Development Coaching Package
Only £965 incl VAT
A personality questionnaire
Strengths questionnaire
Six face-to-face 1.5hr career coaching sessions
Unlimited telephone/online support during this time.


Leadership Development Training

Our leadership development coaching package, at £1043 (inc. VAT), includes:

What's Included in our Leadership Development Course
Only £1043 incl VAT
Personality questionnaire
Leadership questionnaire
Four 2 hour coaching sessions
Unlimited telephone/online support during this time.

Our package will provide an effective method of support for those on a high potential or leadership development program.

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Team Building Plans

Our team building package typically comprises a personality or strengths preference assessment of every team member (using either Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Strengthscope), a team report and a team workshop to explore areas of strength, areas of conflict and activities to improve team working. Prices for team building workshops are available upon request.

We also design bespoke strengths and competency-based development centres which typically comprise of a range of job simulation exercises designed uniquely for your business and your challenges. For example, strengths or competency-based interview questions, a role-play, group discussion, analysis and/or presentation exercises.

We train your team in how to administer and score these so there are no ongoing support costs from us. Looking for a helping hand? We can provide assessors, one-to-one hour in-depth coaching feedback session and a bespoke report focusing on the gap, their strengths and their risk areas for development so they have a personal development plan. Prices for bespoke services are available upon request.

If you want to find out more about talent development, team building or bespoke development centres please contact us on 0161 410 0406 or email us on