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People Development

Tips for keeping your best people

people development

  • We can help people be better at their job, developing their self-awareness and personal capabilities; or change career and find a new start.
  • We can help teams understand each other and function better.
  1. Reveal their individual strengths, then dare people to use them
  2. Give your people the courage to stretch themselves and develop their capabilities
  3. Crave individuality in teams – unique perspectives bring hidden delights
  4. Fulfil your business objectives by setting clear individual and team goals
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate – it’s a two-way thing
  6. Write down and agree their role and responsibilities
  7. Exchange expectations; discuss what you expect of them and what they expect of you
  8. Delegate and gently turn the volume up or down on your support to reflect their progress; embrace risk and let them learn from failure
  9. Recognise and reward good behaviour and attitude
  10. Give and ask for feedback, make it specific, timely and based in evidence; what behaviour that led to what outcome