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Recruiting Meter Readers

for Oil & Gas Energy Company

The Problem

No sooner would someone start in the job than, within the first few weeks, they would leave. This was the situation my customer was dealing with, spending over £1,000 on recruitment with an agency and spending the same again on training and equipment. My challenge was to help them reduce this level of attrition.

The Solution

We went back to the start. Where else did these types of candidate apply? What attracted them to this type of role? To really understand this role I became a meter reader for a few days and job shadowed to gain an insight into the role. I spoke to a number of them too. Once I’d fully analysed the various complexities of what appears a simple role on the face of it, I developed a behavioural framework of the types of behaviour that lead to success in the role.

Working closely with the customer, I developed a new recruitment process and designed the on-line sift, the telephone pre-screening, which included a bespoke situational judgement test, and the half-day assessment centre (including an interview, role-play, mapping and checking exercise).

The Outcome

The impact was immediate. The customer found themselves interviewing a much higher quality of candidate at the assessment centre and the supervisor’s feedback was that they had a better quality of new starter and turnover was lower, particularly in those early weeks.

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