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Recruitment Solutions

Tips for recruiting the right people for your business

  • We can help you hire or promote the right person who fits the job and fits in the team in terms of behaviours, motivation and attitude.
  • We can help you put in place tools for large scale recruitment campaigns and sift large volumes of applications.
  1. Look for passion – can the candidate be the best they can be in this job?
  2. Don’t be fooled – ask candidates to demonstrate key aspects of the job
  3. Know what amazing looks like in the job – skills, knowledge and behaviours
  4. Give an authentic experience of your business to candidates
  5. Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate – get value for your money
  6. Pre-plan your interview questions and what good and poor answers look like
  7. Encourage candidates to prepare and use the STAR approach:
    the Situation they faced, the Task needed, the Action they took and the Result
  8. Use the Observe, Record, Classify, Evaluate approach when assessing
  9. Use a five point rating scale and a scoring system to bring objectivity
  10. Embrace the benefits of psychometric tests and the objectivity they can bring