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  • Want to know how to be a good assessor? Have managers helping you with assessing and need to give them a workbook to prepare them? Why not have a read of my good practice guide to assessing job candidates? You can find out more here and click here to have the guide emailed to you.
  • My 5 step guide to the perfect interview. It contains all you need to prepare for and run a great interview including sample interview questions, scoring guide, how to make your decision and how to give feedback. Click here to have this guide emailed to you. Read more about how to be a STAR interviewer here.
  • A ready-to-go Team Manager competency interview guide – here for you are a set of interview questions that would give you a good measure of a candidate applying for the role of team manager. You can have this at no charge as a gift from me! Use these face-to-face or over the phone, alongside any other experience and skills questions you have. This guide covers the basic team manager competencies of motivation and attitude, team working, managing others, planning and organising, and communication. It also contains some handy hints on how to approach and mark the interview to help you make the right decision about who is the best person for your business. Click here to have this guide emailed to you.
  • Need a Performance Development Template? Need to set some personal goals? Need to set your team members some goals? I’m sure you’ve all heard of SMART goals – here is your goal setting template to get you started. Read more about it here: 12 tips to effective goal-setting. Click here to have this template emailed to you.

Published & press articles:

One of the common challenges in recruitment is finding someone with the right motivation who is going to be really engaged and a high performer in the role. You need to know not only that they can do the job, but also that they want to, and will actually meet or even exceed expectations.

Trying to pin this down is difficult with traditional competency-based approaches in recruitment.

To understand the difference a psychometric measure of ‘strengths’ can bring, it is important to be clear about existing approaches and the benefits they have. This article doesn’t argue for a replacement of the existing competency-based approaches; rather it argues for adding a ‘strengths’ measure to the recruitment equation.

Recruitment is a tricky business. How can you be sure someone who performs well in an interview will perform well in a job? How can you be sure they have all the right skills and abilities? How can you be sure they’ll fit into the culture of your practice and work well with the rest of your team?

The truth is, you can’t be sure. Not completely. But by using one or more of the numerous psychometric tests on the market, you can make a more informed decision.

One of the common challenges in recruitment is finding someone with the right attitude. You need to know, not only they can do the job, but also do they want to, will they be engaged, have a positive attitude and really exceed expectations? Trying to pin this down is always difficult in recruitment. This paper argues for the introduction of a measure of ‘strengths’, as adding a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle in measuring whether someone will be really engaged and motivated in the job. Download the article here.

Why do some managers succeed more than others? How do they deliver what appears to be an impossible workload and yet have a work/life balance? How do they generate staff engagement and loyalty and continue to achieve more with fewer resources? Welcome to the art of delegation.

Managing a team which includes highly-qualified employees such as doctors can be a particular challenge for practice managers. This article shares 10 tips on how to manage specialist professionals well.

This article introduces Myers-Briggs Type Indicator theory and how that looks in teams.