Team Development

Our approach to developing leadership teams

People Development

Do you need your leadership team to be higher performing? Do you need them to trust each other more, to find healthy conflict, to be more committed to the team and operating less in silos and to hold each other accountable so they are delivering the business objectives?

Do you want to release the hidden potential and undiscovered strengths of your key players and rising stars to improve your management teams? Do you want to give them development so they can reach their full potential in your business?

At Work Brighter, we use a combination of psychometrics, job simulation assessments, development centres, and one-to-one executive coaching to develop your managers and leaders.

We’ll help you to tackle the people issues throttling your business growth and realise the potential of the managers and leaders you have in the business, so they become truly engaged and effective.

Leadership Team Coaching


Our leadership team development package typically comprises a blend of one-to-one leadership style discovery tools, one-to-one executive coaching and leadership team coaching sessions focused on areas important for developing the team. A typical package includes:

What's Included in our Leadership Team Coaching
Personality questionnaire (and/or leadership de-railers, leadership styles or emotional intelligence measure)
Leadership strengths questionnaire
1 hour one-to-one coaching session(s) for each leader
2-3 hour leadership team coaching session(s)
Leadership team development plan and team charter


Leadership Team Development


Our leadership development training is provided based on the learning needs of the leadership team. This training is to provide knowledge and skills in areas such as:

  • Building positive mindset and resilience
  • Leading change management
  • Improving psychological safety
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Building high performing teams
  • Effective communication and feedback

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