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Your biggest challenge in 2014?

What was the biggest recruitment and people development challenge that you faced in 2014

A few weeks ago I asked a number of recruiters, HR managers and business owners what their biggest recruitment and people development challenges had been in 2014.

The key recruitment challenges that people faced last year were:

  • Attracting candidates with the right values as well as experience – do you also find you get applications from inappropriate candidates and just don’t seem to be able to attract applications from great ones?
  • What to do to reduce no shows at interviews/assessment days – whilst these days it is common to use a text messaging service and help candidates prepare better – what else do you do to tackle this problem?
  • How to decide between two equally good candidates – in the lucky event you have this issue, do you go for fit or experience? How do you do it?

When it came to people development challenges, the themes were:

  • Making sure development actually happens – how do you make sure you and your people find the time? How do you prioritise this? What else could you do to really stretch your people?
  • Managing poor performance and encouraging high performance – sometimes just getting people to do the work they are contracted to do seems a hard task! What do you do to manage performance?
  • Developing innovative thinking – whilst everyone talks about ‘doing more with less’ what does this actually mean? If you are under-staffed, what tasks should be dropped? Where could you find efficiencies? Can people be more innovative in how work is approached?

Do these ring true for you? What are your pressing recruitment and people development concerns. Let me know and I’ll seek to address them in future blogs.

I’ll be returning to these sticky people issues over the coming weeks with my take on how they might best be tackled in 2015.

And if you missed my gift last week of the 5 step guide to preparing for and running a great interview and making your best hiring decision you can still get it here.

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